This post has been contributed by Local SEO Group (Sheffield location), to help our readers understand SEO and how it can help gardening related companies.

What is SEO?

seo for gardeners


  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Search Engines are websites that people use to search all other websites.
  • Popular search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Google has a lot more users than the other competitors.
  • People type what are called “keywords” into search engines.
  • An example of this would be typing in “local gardener”.
  • The search engine then brings up a list of links, including links to a map, advertisements, and organic listings.
  • SEO focuses on the non-paid parts of the Google results.
  • The higher up the list you are, the more people will click on your website link.
  • You have to tell Google about your website.
  • Most people do this using Google Webmaster Tools.
  • The main parts of SEO that impact rankings, are keyword usage, page titles, urls, inbound links, and technical factors.
  • By hiring an SEO specialist, you can get a cost effective way to increase the rankings of your website.

This video from WPBeginner is very useful:

How can SEO help gardening companies?

If you’re a local gardening company, then getting on Google can effectively help you generate more customers.

When you appear in a search result, customers can call you, visit your business address, and visit your website to learn about you and book services via there.

This can increase your revenue, and help you to expand.

How to do SEO for local gardeners?

The key for local gardeners is to get the website optimised effectively.

After that, it’s all about generating business citations to help them appear in the Local maps pack (Google My Business).

Having a Google My Business listing is also essential, to ensure you appear in the maps pack.

This article on garden centre marketing can help for your general business marketing plan.

How to Market your Local Gardening Business Through SEO Services