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By all means start a blaze for bonfire night, but ensure the firewood is free from wildlife before you light it. Inspect it thoroughly, or even better, restack so you can make sure hedgehogs, toads and frogs are nowhere near. And leave some plant debris in piles as wildlife habitats.

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Fancy a tour of some of the world’s best gardens from the comfort of your armchair? Let your guide be The Gardener’s Garden (Phaidon, £49.95). This lavish book is curated by a panel of experts that includes designer Dan Pearson and garden historian Toby Musgrave. There’s inspiration here for every type of space, from rooftop garden to courtyard.

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Wallflowers are as timelessly chic as a Mary Berry bomber jacket. The fragrant variety ‘Lemon’ blooms from March to June, with flowers that morph from mauve to lemon as they age. Wallflowers will thrive in poor soil as long as they have full sun – atop a wall or otherwise. Height and spread: 50cm x 50cm. To order four jumbo plug plants for £14.99 (including free p&p), call 0330 333 6856, quoting ref GU260, or go to our Readers’ Offers page . Delivery this month.

Rachel De Thame

Gardener at BBC Gardeners World
Rachel de Thame is a UK gardening expert and TV presenter, born in Camden in London, England, popular on the BBC Gardeners World program.