My review of Gardencentreshopping

Now some of you may think that you can settle for purchasing your garden furniture from your run of the mill, average outdoor store such as Tesco, Argos or Homebase. I’m here to convince you otherwise, with why I think Gardencentreshopping are the best choice for your outdoor furniture purchase this year in the UK.

Point 1: Real Weatherproof Furniture

Far from being widespread, truly weatherproof garden furniture is actually very hard to come by, with many retailers advertising the quality, but delivering products which do not meet the requirements. A common occurrence of this is the so called “weather-resistant” rattan effect furniture that are being shipped by some of the large retailers this year. When you read the small print, you can see it comes with a steel frame. Steel as we all know is prone to rust, and is therefore not ideal for leaving outside! It doesn’t take a brain wave to understand that steel isn’t going to last in the snow and ice of the Brittish climate.

So in contrast, Gardencentreshopping provides furniture that is either weatherproof by design (such as the Winawood™ material), or has an aluminium frame which physically cannot rust!

Point 2: Real Garden Centre vs Internet Only Business

Now this may be a contentious point for some of you, but for me it’s very clear. If you are an internet only business then you’re constantly thinking about short term gains. They can perform price drops to add more sales, not caring about their previous customers who have paid the full price. They can disappear a few years down the line if their product doesn’t match it’s warranty claims, and it may be hard to bring them to justice.

Compare this to the owners of a real physical business, who have customers coming in on a daily basis. They can’t just change names, or shut up shop, they have to be accountable to their customers. If I have a problem with my garden furniture in 2 years, I know I can call up their sales representatives and get my problem fixed, in a polite and efficient manner. This can give me peace of mind when purchasing, in comparison with some internet only retailers. They are based at Sapcote Garden Centre in Leicestershire, a family owned garden centre in business for over 10 years.

Point 3: Reclining Furniture!

This one is probably more of a personal preference, but I simply love the ability to change my sitting position as I like. It gives me control of my furniture, and helps me enjoy my garden at every point of the evening, not just sitting upright at the table. I particularly like the rocking chair, which is a great choice on a long relaxing Sunday afternoon. More info:

NEW October 2017: Reclining Chairs!

You can now find these reclining rattan chairs at great prices online, with a new range of high backed chairs and rocking rattan chairs by Majestique that are both comfortable and weatherproof, browse the full range here for UK delivery:

Final Thoughts

I would have not hesitation in recommending Gardencentreshopping to any of my friends and family, and I can safely guarantee that you will enjoy your buying experience with them.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback!

Charlie Dimmock

Gardener at BBC Gardeners World
Charlotte Elouise "Charlie" Dimmock (born 10 August 1966) is an English gardening expert and TV presenter. She was one of the team on Ground Force, a BBC gardening makeover programme.