My review of Gardencentreshopping

Point 1: Real Weatherproof Furniture

Far from being widespread, truly weatherproof garden furniture is actually very hard to come by, with many retailers advertising the quality, but delivering products which do not meet the requirements. A common occurrence of this is the so called “weather-resistant” rattan effect furniture that are being shipped by some of the large retailers this year. When you read the small print, you can see it comes with a steel frame. Steel as we all know is prone to rust, and is therefore not ideal for leaving outside! It doesn’t take a brain wave to understand that steel isn’t going to last in the snow and ice of the Brittish climate.

Gardencentreshopping provides furniture that is either weatherproof by design (such as the Winawood™ material), or has an aluminium frame which physically cannot rust.

NEW October 2017: Reclining Chairs!

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